Health Benefits of Walking to Work


Living in Uptown Charlotte means you just might be able to walk to work. In addition to making your commute more interesting and enjoyable, walking offers plenty of health benefits. Read on to learn about the advantages of walking to work.

Heart Benefits
Sedentary behavior is a major risk factor for heart disease. You might already get exercise at your job, but you can enhance your heart health through daily walks to and from your place of employment. Walking lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol and lowers blood pressure, a powerful trio of benefits that could add years to your life.

Keep a Healthy Weight
A half-hour of brisk walking burns about 150 calories and raises your metabolism for hours afterwards. In fact, walking a mile rather than running it will burn more calories due to the longer time spent moving. Walking is especially ideal for weight control because the lack of equipment required means you’ll be more likely to exercise on a regular basis. You also have plenty of control over the intensity of your workout by changing your speed and walking technique.

Reduce Your Cancer Risk
Sedentary behavior is strongly associated with a higher risk of cancers affecting the colon and breasts. By walking to work rather than driving or riding the bus, you can fight existing cancer or help prevent cancers from developing later. Walking will also flood your body with oxygen, creating an unfavorable environment for cancer, which thrives in hypoxic conditions.

Boost Your Mood
You can increase your quality of life and reduce your risk of many diseases by improving your mood through daily walking. You can also combine meditation with walking for even greater stress relief. By the time you arrive at work or get home afterwards, you’ll be relaxed and ready for anything.

Walking briskly will give you the most benefits for heart health, cancer risk reduction and stress relief. However, don’t worry about picking up the pace too quickly if you’re just getting started with daily walking. Start slow to ease your muscles and joints into the routine and stretch and warm up before each walk. Soon enough, you’ll be steadily improving your health with daily walks through lovely Uptown Charlotte.

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