Average Gas Consumption For Average Commuter?


Every morning in the United States of America, tens of millions of people living in remote areas or on the outskirts of large cities make the pilgrimage into the heart of a metropolis in the name of work. They fill their gas tanks on a weekly basis and burn through a few dozen gallons of costly petroleum, often between $10-$20 worth in a typical day.

Many see buying and going through between three and five gallons per day as a necessary evil that they simply tolerate five days a week in order to get themselves to work. Could there be an easier way in an era where fiscally and environmentally conscious folks are constantly looking for ways to cut down on fuel consumption? The answer is yes, and the approach is simple.

Living in or near the middle of town will reduce your commute times in the general costs that are associated with owning an automobile dramatically. Having a drive that is only a couple miles and a few minutes instead of dozens of miles and a few hours over the course of the day is a profound difference that will have an impact on many realms of your life.

Gas consumption is huge chunk of the monthly budget for out of city limits commuters. In many cases, people are driving an hour to work only to work the first few hours of their day in order to break even on the cost of maintaining their car and filling it with fuel on a regular basis. If a commuter drives 40 miles each way to work and they do so in a large and comfortable SUV, they can easily be spending one hundred dollars a week on gasoline. Prorate that throughout the course of a calendar year, and it comes to well over $5000 annually on gasoline and upkeep of a vehicle.

Add to the fiscal savings the several hours each week that you will be cutting out of your daily grind and commute and immediately turning into free, leisure time. Is not a stretch to say that relocating from the outskirts of the city to the heart of the city and more near your workplace can actually allow you to take up hobbies and new interests. A shorter commute will provide you with a large handful of hours that you had long grown accustomed to twiddling away behind the wheel of an automobile in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

If you work uptown and have considered moving uptown in order to reduce your cars gas consumption, contact one of our leasing agents today!


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