Living Uptown Vs. in the Suburbs


Charlotte is a popular city to live in because it offers the best of both worlds. Its metropolitan area is full of skyscrapers, Fortune 500 companies, shops and high-end clubs and restaurants. On the other hand, Charlotte has beautiful suburbs to accommodate families and residents who prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of uptown.

When you move to Charlotte, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the two options. Are you a city person or someone who prefers life at a slower pace? For some people, the answer to that comes quickly. They simply know what works and what does not work with their lifestyle. For others, the choice may be difficult. Below are some factors to consider while making the decision.

The pros of living in an uptown building like the Catalyst Apartments are countless. The majority of Charlotte’s downtown residential structures are new with modern appliances. Most of these units have ample amenities at your disposal, including fitness centers, pools and media rooms.

Convenience is also a major factor for Charlotte residents who choose to live near the center city. Quick errands like trips to the dry cleaners or buying grocery items such as eggs or toothpaste can be a hassle when you are in the suburbs. Those types of errands can be done in the matter of minutes uptown since a single block is packed with the essential shops and services.

Ultimately the number one reason people prefer to live uptown is to avoid a long commute to and from work each day. The latest U.S. census revealed that nearly 752,000 people are living in Charlotte’s city limits. Many of these people are working in office buildings uptown. There are only so many different roads and highways to get into center city, therefore, traffic during rush hour can drive certain people crazy. Most residents at places like Catalyst simply walk to and from work or take the bus. They are able to get from door-to-door within the matter of minutes.

City living has its cons as well. Parking can be expensive and difficult to find. Also noise can be heard at all hours of the night.

Many people prefer the suburbs because they value space. Suburban life is ideal for people who want their own backyard, garage and expansive living areas. While many floor plans in uptown apartment buildings can vary in size, they certainly do not compare to the space of a multi-bedroom home.

It is true that living in the suburbs can be more affordable depending on the type of home you choose. Group housing in larger homes is a good way to save on rent. Apartment buildings and condos can be less expensive in the suburbs as well. It is important though, to keep in mind the cost of a commute between the suburbs and uptown. The prices of gas and parking uptown may cost more than what you save by living in the suburbs.

At the end of the day, both options are good. The suburbs of Charlotte are packed with fun places to eat, parks and shopping. Uptown has infinite excitement and offers a luxurious lifestyle.

Either residential path you choose to go down is a good one.

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