Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy In An Apartment


People who say it is unfair of dog owners to live in apartment buildings have it all wrong. There are so many ways for city residents to keep their dog happy while living in a high-rise building.

Animal lovers deserve to be with their pets no matter where they live. Fortunately there are apartment buildings in uptown Charlotte, including Catalyst Apartments that have pet friendly policies.

Most dog owners who live in apartment units have a routine when it comes to taking care of their pet. They wake up early in the morning and promptly leash their pooch for a long walk outside. Not only does the dog get to stretch its legs and do its business, but it’s also a great way for the owner to wake up and mentally prepare for the day.

The routine usually entails a nighttime walk as well. For safety reasons, as it is dark and late, the pre-bedtime walks are usually much shorter but still long enough for the dog to get some fresh air.

The only drawback that comes with the routine is the rare occurrence when the owner needs to break the schedule. In these situations, it’s best to have backup such as a roommate or a neighbor who can step in and take the dog for a walk so that it does not have an accident indoors.

Many residents in the Catalyst Apartments work within walking distance. The lucky pets of these owners sometimes get walked during the day. Even luckier pets have owners who are allowed to bring their dogs to the office! Charlotte is full of pet friendly businesses.

What dog needs a backyard when there is a dog park right in Charlotte? Frazier Park is about a mile away from Catalyst Apartments. The off-leash, fenced-in area is great for dogs of all sizes. It even has designated spaces for little dogs and larger dogs. Dog parks are great ways for apartment dogs to get their exercise. It’s always smart to bring a tennis ball or some sort of toy to play fetch with. An hour at the dog park will give a dog enough exercise to keep it exhausted for days.

Uptown dogs can have just as much of a social life as its owners. There are things to do and places for your dog to be in Charlotte. For instance, every year the Humane Society of Charlotte hosts Pet Palooza at the Common Market. La Paz Mexican Restaurant on Metropolitan Avenue also hosts a pet-friendly “yappy hour.” There is even a bar on Davidson Street that specifically caters to pet owners and welcomes dogs.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to having a dog in an apartment. Dog owners cannot simply head out to happy hour after work with coworkers or take a long weekend unless they have someone lined up to cover dog duty. Leaving a dog alone in an apartment for a long period of time is hard on a dog that is waiting anxiously for its owners’ arrival.


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