New Stadium Attracts New Uptown Knights Fans


Now that the Charlotte Knights will soon start playing at the new BB&T stadium in Uptown Charlotte, local residents have a huge incentive to spruce up on their team knowledge.

Sure it’s only the minor leagues but guess what? Minor league baseball games can be a blast to attend. Knights games are going to be the new thing-to-do for uptown-ers. Once 2014 rolls around, everybody is going to be asking “Are you going to the game tonight?”

Not only should you plan on going to the games on a regular basis but also you should plan on bringing valuable Knights’ knowledge when you go. Listed below are some interesting facts to learn before becoming a true Charlotte Knights fan.

The single most important thing to know is that the Knights were not the first baseball team in Charlotte. Ever hear of the Charlotte Hornets? Well that team was the first. They were independent until the Minnesota Twins purchased them in the 1930s. To make a long story short, the team went through several ownership changes, relocations and players over the next few decades. In the late 1980’s, the team began playing as the Knights and in 1990 the games started being held in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

To spare yourself from an awkward moment when you are at a game – bragging about how much you know about baseball – and get stumped on who the coach of the Charlotte Knights is, keep it mind that it is Joel Skinner.

A retired catcher who made his Major League Baseball debut in 1983 for the Chicago White Sox, Skinner has coached the Knights since 2012. Before Skinner, Joe McEwing coached for a year.

The Charlotte Knights have been affiliated with several other baseball teams. When you are sitting in the stadium and waiting for the game to start, you could really impress your friends if you were able to list the names of these others teams: Senators/Twins, Orioles, Cubs, Indians, Marlins and the White Sox.

Ready for some current knowledge on your new favorite team? Get ready, it’s good stuff…in 2012, the Charlotte Knights were good enough to make the playoffs. This year has been a little rougher for the team. The problem has been that the team’s players are so talented that they continuously get selected to join the major leagues. This should give you even more incentive to attend Charlotte Knights games, you want to see these guys in action before they get snatched up!

Even if you really aren’t into baseball, you should still look forward to attending games in the new stadium. Have you checked out the plans on It’s going to be a-w-e-s-o-m-e! If you don’t plan on going, just to warn you – you will feel left out. According to the site, national ballpark consultants estimate that in its first year BB&T Ballpark should attract at least 600,000 fans.

You don’t want to miss being in on this action, especially if you are living in uptown only a few blocks away. Club seats are already sold out but who wants to sit away from the entire rumpus anyways? Get your tickets now so you can look forward to watching your new favorite team knock the ball right out of the park.

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