Winter Weather Forecast for Charlotte


The varying forecasts for the up-coming winter season all have something in common – it’s going to be quit chilly.  While it isn’t looking to be a nationwide condition of a deep freeze, but rather a general perception of ‘chillier than I remembered’ type of winter, and it’ll be the Midwest, Plain, and Canada boarding parts of New England regions that really get a visit from Old Man Winter.  According to this year’s Farmer’s Almanac Forecast, every region of the country is projected to experience some sustainable periods of snowfall.

Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford of Weather Services International (WSI), a part of The Weather Channel Company, speaks about the concerns following the initial wave of colder-than-average air on the Weather Channel’s annual winter forecast.  “As the first shot of significant cold air spurs above-normal heating demand across much of the eastern United States,” states Crawford, “there are many questions regarding its staying power in the weeks and months ahead.” 

The question may turn to how long it lasts.  Crawford continues, “While we do foresee colder-than-normal temperatures across the Midwest into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast in November and potentially into early December, there is a risk of much milder temperatures heading into the New Year, especially across the western and southern United States.” 

The early return to milder temperatures will surely be welcomed come roughly 2 months of below-average.  However, if this projection occurs, it could mean much unneeded above-average temperatures out west.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a drier than average winter for the Northwest, along with seemingly verified predictions on unusually cold winter days ahead.  Fortunately for those in the Southeast region of the United States, specifically Charlotte, we’ll experience, ultimately, a ‘business as usual’ type of winter.  The Farmer’s Almanac reports, “Only for the Far West and the Southeast will there be a semblance of winter temperatures averaging close to normal, but only a few areas will enjoy many days where temperatures will average above normal.”  Statistically, we’ll hit new record lows on a handful of day, but general perception may come to be as expected.  Though, only time will tell.

So dust off your winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves – good luck finding a $5 or a $20 bill when reaching into the pockets – because we may be in for a cold, yet potentially brief, winter ahead. For those working uptown and looking for an apartment close to work, be sure to contact one of our leasing agents today!


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