Explore Uptown Charlotte with a Food Tour


Are you looking for a way to really get to know Charlotte? Why not take a food tour? Uptown Charlotte is filled with tasty treats and unique eateries, and taking a food tour will give you the chance to sample the best of all of these.

There are always food tours heading out somewhere in Charlotte, but in August you have a few Uptown options. The Tour de Food is one of these. In fact, the Tour de Food has an Uptown Charlotte food tour every Saturday through November 29, so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

The Restaurants

If you have a favorite local food joint, chances are high it’s on the list of places where Tour de Food will stop. The tour starts at Pure Pizza at the 7th Street Market and takes you through 15 separate establishments. You will be able to sample everything from gourmet cheeses to sushi and even raw juice.

The theme of the tour is farm-to-table, and you will find that the restaurant list includes some of the freshest, most natural eateries in all of Uptown. These are restaurants and stores owned by people who take their crafts seriously, and it shows in the quality of the food you will be sampling.

Find Your Favorite and Learn Some History

One of the benefits of taking an Uptown food tour is the chance you have to find a new favorite restaurant or artisan food store. You will get to sample some well-known favorites, as well as some little-known options. Yet that’s just the first benefit. Another benefit is the option to get to know the chefs and artisans that create these delectable dishes. You also get to learn some of the history of Charlotte, particularly surrounding the food culture, and the architectural beauty of the city.

Tours are only open to a limited number of people to help preserve the experience for those who choose to attend and give each visitor the chance to interact with the chefs and artisans who host them.

Fine Food, Refreshing Walk, Good Company

If you book a walking tour with Tour De Food, you will not leave hungry. The tour costs just $47 plus a few fees, and you will find that it is well worth the money. It lasts approximately three hours and will cover two miles of walking. The tour company recommends that you arrive 10 minutes before the tour is schedule to depart, because they will not wait long for latecomers.

As a resident of Catalyst, you already love Uptown. Book a food tour soon, and get to know it a little better. Chime in on the comments to tell us about your favorite new discovery after your tour.


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